8 steps to the ideal customer

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The e-book offers you a structured guide to generating qualified leads.


It focuses on the importance of KPIs to increase your win rate.


It contains useful strategies to shorten your sales cycle & win new customers.

Guaranteed more sales:
Your entry into B2B customer acquisition

Are you a CEO or CTO and lead generation is getting on your last nerve? We feel for you. Our customized solutions are exactly what you need to get through the acquisition jungle. Let's find out together how we can take your sales to the next level.

The Sales Framework
For SaaS and Subscription

If you want to grow sustainably today, you need a sales strategy that focuses on the self-interest of potential customers to buy your products and services. This sales approach is fundamentally different from traditional sales tactics.

How our concept will help you

Track KPIs

Steady sales growth through data-based decisions!

Filling the sales pipeline

Become visible to your ideal customer and an expert in your niche!

Create value

Offer decision-makers in your target group real added value for their daily business.


Simple evaluation of every sales opportunity for an efficient sales process!

Exponential scaling

Fast growth through simultaneous optimization of the most important key figures!

Shorter sales cycles

Standardize your sales process for deals at top speed!

The B2B Sales Framework
for exponential growth

Complex decision-making processes in B2B often require a high level of human resources. With standardization and automation, we establish efficient, resource-saving sales processes that ensure consistent success across the entire team. The consistent structure provides you with meaningful KPIs and conversion data that contribute to exponential growth through continuous optimization.  

What readers say

Dive into authentic testimonials from other leaders and understand why our solutions are the key to sustained & measurable business success!

Reference Sabine F. | Comanfize - Sales agency

Dr. Sabine F.

CTO, Tech, Medium-sized business

The section on lead qualification and segmentation was particularly helpful for us. As someone who likes to let data speak for itself, I personally really liked the focus on sales figures and the metrics behind them.

May 17, 2023

Reference Boris H. | Comanfize - Sales agency

Boris H.

CRO, SaaS, midmarket

Although I have been in sales for many years, I really liked this new approach. We were also able to implement some points immediately. This concept is a great step-by-step guide that I can highly recommend to anyone.

March 11, 2023

Reference Dr. Martin S. | Comanfize - Sales Agency

Dr. Martin S.

CEO, IT, Start-up

The e-book offers great guidance for the essential sales steps in B2B. The tips and the introductory offer in particular were a real game changer for us. The CF team then actively supported us in selecting and setting up the tools!

Dec. 22, 2022

Lay the foundation for
scalable customer acquisition now!

Customer acquisition is a black box for you? With the Sales Framework, you can rely on sustainable strategies that not only generate leads, but also turn them into loyal customers. The e-book provides you with the know-how to ensure a steady flow of qualified leads. This means that customer acquisition is no longer a game of chance, but a scalable factor in your company.

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